Celebrate religious customs & traditions with this White easily breakable glass complete with a sheer organza pouch which is silkscreened in Hebrew with the Hebrew phrase: “If I shall forget thee Jerusalem, I shall forget my right hand” (a saying which is recited by the Groom (Chatan) under the Chupah right before he steps on the glass at the end of a Jewish wedding ceremony. The Groom’s Mazel Tov wedding glass is a stemless glass which is safely contained within the printed sheer pouch that safely holds the shattered shards for safe keeping. 4″H x 2.5″W

This Chupah Glass makes a wonderful gift and will become a special keepsake for the couple’s blessed union. **Broken glass may either be stored in the organza pouch provided, or may later be made into a lucite mezuzah or crystal cube favor.

Near the conclusion of a traditional Jewish Wedding Ceremony, it is customary that a glass, contained in a decorative pouch, is placed on the floor. The Chatan proceeds to shatter the glass with his foot (this will probably be the last time that he will put his foot down in their home lol), the shattering of the glass is in memory of the destruction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem (with God’s help may it be rebuilt again one day soon), resulting in “Many Pieces, Many Years, and Many Blessings Together…” for the happy couple. Those in attendance respond with an enthusiastic Mazal Tov (meaning Good Luck in Hebrew)!

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