Jumbo Glitter Confetti Decorations Chanukah Hanukah Stars of David Dreidel (Dreydel) and Menorahs Mixed Assorted Colors of Blue, Silver & Gold (2 PACKS)


Jumbo Glitter Confetti Decorations Chanukah Hanukah Stars of David, Dreidel (Dreydel), and Menorahs, Mixed Assorted Colors of Blue, Silver & Gold, 7 grams (.25 oz.) of confetti in each bag. (Sold in 2 pack sets either Mixed Symbols or Stars of David).

Make your home or office, party or event more festive & special with these beautiful Chanukah Glitter Confetti in Assorted colors.

This confetti is also great for project decorations, arts & crafts, and for many other purposes to make your every day objects look more festive.

  • JUMBO PACKAGE & SIZE: Each pack comes with approximately 18-20 pieces of Hanukkah Blue, Silver and Gold Confetti: 6 Glitter Dreidels, 6 Glitter Stars of David, and 6 Glitter Menorahs in Blue, Silver & Gold glitter.  The Cutouts come in a mix of Dreidels, Stars, and Menorahs which are around 1.2 in W x 1.4in H (3 cm x 3.6 cm), depending on item style. The entire package of 18-20 weighs approximately 7 grams (.25 oz.) Glitter will not come off easily so no mess on your table, and post party clean-up is so easy! Your HANUKKAH table will SPARKLE & SHINE BRIGHT!
  • DECORATION: Your Hanukkah Table will look very festive with these Jumbo Confetti Decorations, and will create a beautiful runner down the center of your table! This confetti makes a great start to your holiday festivities if you are looking for Hanukkah Decorating Ideas.
  • PARTY FAVOR: Perfect For Decorating, (Stars of David may be used on on any Jewish Holiday, Celebration, or Event), as Cupcake Toppers, for Art Crafting, Gifting, or Card Stuffing. This Set Of Large Glitter Cutouts comes with a Bag of Mixed Blue, Silver, and Gold Glitter Confetti: Stars of David, Menorahs, and Dreidels.

**Many other colors, styles, and/or designs preferences are available with special requests for event bulk or custom ordering. Please contact us for further details or to inquire about items that you would like to purchase but do not see as we may have them. *For event bulk or custom ordering special requests, please contact us for further details.

*Please take note that there may be slight color variations in products between computer browsers, compared to the actual product. **Also note that these products are custom crafted & handmade with love, and there may be slight differences between products (as they are not machine produced), as well as certain imperfections within natural materials & fabrics. Please handle with care.

Celebrate the Miracle of Light by Spreading Love & Light ❤️ Life’s a prism of different colors just like the shining lights in your menorah. Add Colors to your Menorahs 🕎✡️ Happy Chanukah/Hanukah and Festival of Lights! May we all see peace, goodness, light, and brightness in the world soon! Amen!


Color Design by Irene Nurieli – company President.

“Light a candle, light a candle with me, a thousand candles in the dark will open our hearts!”

**Many items on our site (including these candles), are designed with devotion by yours truly, Irene Nurieli – President.
With Much Love Always, I.N. 🙂


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Chanuka Hanukkah Hanukka Festival of Lights Decor

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