Veil Style Fancy Hand Crafted Synagogue Shul Temple Bridal Tea Party Costume Women’s Victorian Vintage Look Chantilly Lace Doilies Chapel Bridal Head Covering w/Comb (Weddings Bar Mitzvahs) – Fancy Petit Veil Doilies


Petite Veil Style Hand Crafted Victorian Vintage Look Handmade Chantilly Lace Mini Doilies – Jewish Synagogue Shul Temple Chapel Doilies Kippot Synagogue Women’s Head Covering – Handmade Veil Style (Half Circle) Fancy Hand Lace Women’s Head Covering for Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Special Events, Holidays, Temple Services, Tea Parties, Costumes, etc… with lace appliques, pearls, rhinestones, beads, crystals or bows, and come with a hair comb to hold in place – Petite Veil Style Mini Half Circle Head Covering.

Elegant Petit Veil Style Handmade Lace Doilies with comb to hold them in place in basic colors: White, Black, or Ivory, as well as in many other beautiful colors and vibrant designs which are also available. 5.25″H or round 9” Dia. (Exclusively ours)

**These handmade lace doilies can also be custom made in full circle or mini (half circle) version in pink, blue, navy, peach, lilac, purple, lilac, green, lime, or in any color/design of your choice. *If you would like to order colors besides the current colors & designs provided, please contact us.

*These doilies are handmade and may require some extra time (some doilies may require between 2-10 weeks lead time depending on design/style of fabric) to be produced when the material or fabric is not in stock or is custom ordered.

*Please take note that there may be slight color variations in products between computer browsers, compared to the actual product. **Also note that these products are custom crafted & handmade with love, and there may be slight differences between products (as they are not machine produced), as well as certain imperfections within natural materials & fabrics. Please handle with care.

Perfect for Synagogue (Shul) or Special Occasions. Makes a great accessory addition or a wonderful gift item.

Beautiful & Fashionable Head Covering. Ideal head covering for Temple Services, special events, Bar Mitzvahs & Weddings. 5.25″H or round 9” Dia. (Exclusively ours)

**Many other colors, styles, fabrics, and/or designs preferences are available with special requests for event bulk or custom ordering. Please contact us for further details or to inquire about items that you would like to purchase but do not see as we may have them.

*For event bulk or custom ordering special requests, please contact us for further details. (*Some doilies may require between 2-10 weeks lead time depending on design/style of fabric to be produced when the material or fabric is not in stock or is custom ordered.)

*These doilies are great items to add to your headpiece collection, or they make a perfect gift for someone else.

**Many items, jewelry, and head coverings on our site (including these headpieces), are designed with devotion by yours truly, Irene Nurieli – President.
With much love always, I.N.

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