Shelly’s Glimpse of Hope

(Dedicated in memory of a little girl by Irene Nurieli – 09/26/03)

There are times we say hello
And times we must say goodbye.
Oh how I dream of another time to hold you
And sing one last lullaby.

I am confused and puzzled,
Look of despair upon my face,
My heart beats with aches and torn,
As I stare far into empty space.

Once more hurt is deep within me,
Locked in a very dark place
And I feel that there’s a void inside me
Which nothing can replace.

I try to look for answers which would
Untie me from bounds of this ragged lace.
I raise my eyes to heaven and pray to make some sense,
Out of my life’s painful embrace.

As I sit there full of sorrow and wonder
What next the chill of night will bring,
I must think of tomorrow’s responsibilities and chores
And try to concentrate on the coming hope of spring.

Life is supposed to be a normally balanced cycle
Which we wish that we could plan.
It’s the unexpected bumps and turns
Which throw us in loops and give us burns,
Making it hard to watch the seasons change and span.

When a young life is taken early
Full in its beauty and spice,
We question our faith, look to deal,
Trying to bargain and compromise.

I gasp for air with every breath and
As I sit there crying and shed my bitter tears,
I must have strong belief and cling to hope
And face my dreaded fears.

With time wounds heal
And the sharp pains subside.
It’s the residual memories that forever haunt us,
Giving us a long and rough ride.

We must go on with life, no matter what awaits
As this is G-d’s will and wish
And understanding divine work,
Is not something that humans can unleash.

I must believe that there’s hope
No matter what comes my way
And remember that I will pull through,
Survive, as this is G-d’s play.

With every morning dew,
There’s inspiration and a promise of a new day
It’s those rays of sunshine
Which give us cause for life and force us to obey.

Yours truly, Irene Nurieli (I.N.)

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